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Game Projects

Siemens Flightlab 

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VW Dune Buggy

Game ready Hero model, a VW Dune buggy in a 'Mad Max' style. Detailed interior and engine, rigged and set up for use in a game engine.

Shot 1.jpg

Trim Sheets

Trim sheets can be used as a quick but effective and good looking way to add materials to many objects - often used in game development in order to detail scenes quickly.


Modular Carbine Rifles

I have been lucky to work on a selection of assets for use in an Indie first person shooter - specifically a selection of rifles made up of many modular parts. These were set up to be modular in a variety of different set-ups, and created for use in Unreal Engine 4.

the whole set up.png

Cyberpunk Scooter

Game ready hero model, a cyberpunk modification of a Vespa scooter. Many additional elements, such as over the top exhausts and jet engine powertrain.


Cyberpunk Game Assets

A range of assets within the theme of Cyberpunk city street dressing. Ranging from terminals to street signs and more...

front right view redshift.png

1911 Pistol

A model of an exclusive version of a classic pistol, displayed in a special display box. Modelled for use in an indie FPS game, set up for use in Unreal Engine 4.

Table shot.png
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