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Siemens Flightlab

The following links will take you to the Flightlab and Flight Arcade projects I helped to create during my time spent at TMC Strategic Communications. Created using Playcanvas as the games engine, I created all 3D assets, from multiple interlocking parts to all planes, to all landscape and texture parts (the only exceptions being a few plants and buildings which were modified from assets bought on CG-Trader). 3DS Max was used to model these assets, as well as to model a tileable 3D landscape and tiling texture set for use in engine.


The models were textured both in a stylised, drawing board concept style alongside an ultra-realistic texture set, and were a great challenge to make, as each plane needed several options for body, wing engine etc with each needing to lock in place correctly when interchanged with each other, and the textures needed to enhance a very low poly looking mesh - in both styles, I think I achieved this brilliantly.


Playcanvas is a great in browser game engine so it was simple to set up a complex structure of organised files for each plane, each part, each landscape piece etc so that the coding team could easily find and work with each object


I set up the landscape within the engine including all corresponding textures, detailed assets inc. trees, buildings and more. I also created the in-game shaders for all assets, as well as the skybox used for all outdoor scenes. Finally I textured and animated the robot instructor used in many of the tutorial scenes.

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