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People powered plane

Many parts were made for several plane models, with the idea being that these parts would all fit well with each other, and onto all of the existing hull options for each plane build. These parts are all for a potential human powered plane.

Hull aerodynamic.PNG
hull unaerodynamic.PNG
hull small standard.PNG
hull very large.PNG
Engine 2 x cyclist.PNG
Engine 1 x cyclist.PNG
wings short light.PNG
wings small.PNG
wings extra long light.PNG
People powered plane correct build.PNG

Amazon rescue plane

These parts were for an amazon rescue plane, with the need for lightness, a small size, plus the ability to take off or land anywhere.

hull unaerodynamic.PNG
hull streamined.PNG
hull small light.PNG
hull big heavy.PNG
engine light weight prop.PNG
Engine light turbo prop.PNG
Engine heavy turbo prop.PNG
Engine big jet.PNG
wings small.PNG
wings large light.PNG
wings big heavy.PNG
wings wrong shape.PNG
Amazon rescue plane correct build.PNG

Emergency supply plane

These parts needed to be able to build a plane with the potential to deliver supplies to places in emergency situations - natural disasters, warzones etc. The need was for a plane that could carry a large load, while still be efficient enough to get there.

hull small.PNG
hull medium streamlined.PNG
hull aerodynamic.PNG
hull unaerodynamic.PNG
Engine 2 x prop.PNG
engine 4 x prop.PNG
Engine 4 x jet.PNG
Engine 4 x jet heavy.PNG
wings small.PNG
wings large light.PNG
wings massive light.PNG
wings massive heavy.PNG
emergency supply plane correct build.PNG

Carbon neutral plane

This selection of parts is for a potential future build of a carbon neutral plane, it uses many very moden ideas for streamlined, very lightweight parts, and uses ideas that are very innovative, including a selection of hydrogen based engines.

hull unaerodynamic.PNG
hull modern streamlined.PNG
hull private jet.PNG
hull jumbo jet.PNG
wings small.PNG
wings modern light.PNG
wings modern heavy.PNG
wings massive light.PNG
Engine 4 x jet.PNG
engine 4 x heavy jet.PNG
Engine green hydrogen.PNG
Engine blue hydrogen.PNG
Carbon neutral flight plane correct build.PNG

Flight school game 1

This build is to choose the correct wing configuration for an early plane type build. The idea is to get the user considering which type of wing would create the best lift, from the series of options.

wing single.PNG
wing inverted.PNG
wing flat.PNG
Wing double.PNG
Flight school game A correct build.PNG

Flight school game 2

For this game the object was to find the correct hull shape for a 1950's era transport plane, which needed to be both spacious yet to have a certain degree of good aerodynamic properties.

hull cylindrical.PNG
hull streamlined.PNG
hull wedge.PNG
hull box shape.PNG
Flight school B correct build.PNG

Flight school game 3

The final flight school game focused on engines, and looked at engines throughout different periods of time to see which type would be most suitable for a modern jet type build.

Engine 1920s prop.PNG
Engine 1930s prop.PNG
Engine modern jet.PNG
Engine inverted modern prop.PNG
Flight school game C correct build.PNG


March 1997

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