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This is a selection of three assets from my (growing) collection of game ready 3D cyberpunk street assets. I am building these both for my own purposes - I aim to make an animated short using them at some point - and as models to sell online, via places such as CGTrader and Turbosquid.

front left view redshift.png


This is one of the hero models in my collection - the one I spent most time on and aimed to get it looking as good as possible. I allowed myself a higher poly count for this model which gave me plenty of scope to add extra details and make it look good when viewed up close. It is also the my highest selling model online.

front rs.png


These three electric boxes were an interesting challenge as I wanted to create some items that were as low poly as possible but still covered with detail. I got around the simplicity of the model by making them look busy and interesting using graffiti - which I designed by using pictures of local street art and a bit of my own creativity.

front view.jpg


This model is part of a larger structure - it is actually a pillar holding up a landing pad for a flying street taxi that I am working on for a scene! I wanted it to look both modern and yet still old and grimy, like I imagine a futuristic inner city transport link would look. I enjoy creating grime and rust, and am pleased with the way the dullness of many of the colours help the brighter parts of the model such as the light and the sign to stand out.


Info/Ticket Machine

A model for use as an info point or ticket machine - originally made for a client who was to use it in a metaverse setting, This version is slightly modified and with alternative textures and available to purchase online.


Neon Bar Sign

A model of a neon bar sign, useful for many exterior or interior scenarios. One of my biggest sellers online, down to it's simplicity and useability in many situations.

camera very close.png

Metal Security Door

 A sturdy metal security door in a cyberpunk / sci-fi style, with a large camera on the door frame, and large bars for locking. Many interesting features on this model, from the animated camera to the rusted signs, and electronic keypad and built in microphone/communicator used for entry.

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