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Breast Biopsy suite - Architectural render project

Please follow this link to download the 360 viewer of the Breast health hospital scene that myself and my team created. You can use the mouse to navigate through the several rooms and interact with many of the features of the hospital.

This was a large project and took a team of three people working on individual rooms to get it all done in time. I was given the task of creating the Breast Biopsy Suite - which consisted of three individual rooms - from a template made by one of the other members of the team and turning it into a representation of a functioning biopsy room in a working hospital.


I was also tasked with taking the .stl files of all of the modelical devices needed for this job and fixing any bad topology before texturing them and supplying to the rest of the team for use in their own rooms, as well as my own. I worked in Maya (the first time I had done any substantial project using it), and rendered using Vray. For some of the re-topology of the .stl files i used Max as I prefer modeling using this software.

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