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The brief of this job was to use drone captured point cloud data alongside 3D modelled and rendered footage to create a concept video of a potential new build on the old Brains brewery site in Cardiff.

This video has been created in 3DS Max and Redshift using a combination of point cloud data provided by the client, with additional modelling and texturing of the proposed new build added, and compositing of the individual layers and additional motion graphics added in After Effects.

Final Product rendering

Rendered in 1080p HD video, running at 30 seconds long, showing the original layout of the Brains Brewery site, and fading in the proposed new build. Info-graphics show important information including location of cycle path and preservation of the listed buildings. A stylised tech style background was created to fit the requirements of client. The video was created for Nationwide Drones as a promotional piece.

The proposed new build 'The Ledger'.

Modelled in 3DS Max and Rendered using Redshift renderer.

main building.png

Wire-frame image of scene

This wire-frame shows both the geometry of the original point cloud data, plus the modelled building and floor surface etc.

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