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third shot.png


This image was created in 3DS Max, using Redshift as the render engine - I find it to be the best available renderer when it comes to making photo-realistic results quickly. The models in the scene were created by myself other than the sofa, table and chairs and plant, which were from CG Axis. The materials used were a combination of ones created by Polligon and my own custom materials. The scene altogether took around 10-12 hours from beginning to final render.


living room.png

A scan of the original image used as reference. Rather than try to re-create the image entirely I decided to capture the feel of the original shot and make it look a little warmer and more inviting.



A wire frame image showing how the scene was modelled. The skylights used in the render were models that were created by a client and re-topologized by myself on a previous job - although barely visible the effect of the HDRI lightmap shining through the glass material helps add to the realism of the model.

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