Fully rigged and textured high poly Character model

Full model 33,874 polys. Barbarian 28, 404 polys total (inc. clothing, eyes & tongue), Axe - 2,452 polys, helmet 3,018 polys. 4k textures in specular workflow.

Rigged with a custom rig that is fully animate-able across the whole torso with a separate rig for facial muscles. I have included many separate custom controls to get specific movement in areas such as the face and lower legs and fingers. 

Full Swing fire.png


I designed this model from scratch and used the creation of sketches and character sheet to hone my drawing ability, particularly regarding human anatomy. I feel that I have created a good first start with drawing humans, and will continue drawing this way in the future.

model sheet.png
Full Swing fire.png
axeman 1 grey.png
king colour.png
Swordman 1 grey.png
axeman 3 colour.png
swordman 2 grey.png
swordman 2 colour.png
axeman 2 grey.png
Swordman 1 colour.png