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Low poly fully detailed game vehicle

I really enjoyed creating this model as I was able to revisit an old comic from my youth for reference images. The plan was to make the model inside and out so that you can both see the hull of the vehicle from a distance and climb inside from the side and 'sit' in the cockpit. I have made a complex rig so that everything can be controlled from the ailerons to the access door and devices inside such as the joystick and view scanner.


AE-17 Lifeboat videos
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4K textures

These are the texture maps for the hull of the model. I have included the uv map and colour map so it is possible to see the maps used in creation of the textures as well as the textures themselves. The normal map was created using a combination of a high poly bake and extra detail added from NDO by Quixel. The ambient occlusion is the same, as well as the cavity map. The other maps were created in NDO, again from Quixel and then further tweaked in Photoshop.

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